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Heard a story: one of the passengers seeing going onthe plane, and his tickets and passport to put in the Password box, but also how to remember out of the box password. And the passengers similarly, some friends needed to open a document, but forgotten when the beginning position of the password is what. If you want to avoid this embarrassment, you must understand the commonly used document password cracking method.

PCD tool spectrum

Software name: Advanced Office Password Recovery Software version: 3.03 License: shareware Software size: 2917KB

Office document password cracking

Because the Office document password is embedded in the internal file, the most common practice is to use software tools to forcibly crack, the following describes several features more perfect the crack software.

A Advanced Office Password RecoveryAdvanced Office Password Recovery is a multi-purpose Office document passwordhack tool, capable of processingMicrosoftthe company of a variety of common document formats, ranging from Word to the Project, including fourteen types. The software provides a“violent”and“Dictionary”of two crack way, if time enough plus crackpolicyproperly, Advanced Office Password Recovery(hereinafter referred to as AOPR completely can retrieve the user forgetting document password.

1. Hack settings

In order to shorten the AOPR crack document password time, before use should be to estimate what the password configuration features, then a reasonable choice is going to use the hack strategy. If the password consists of English words, names or the like constituted, the best priority using the“dictionary”way to crack. If by letters, numbers and other random configuration, the choice of“violence”mode with faster speed. Crack strategy setting method is: open the AOPR window of the“Restore”tab, check the“impose ciphertext shift crack classes”under one of three options.

If the password may consist of English words, names, etc., you should select the“dictionary hack recommended”; if you know the password in number of characters, the recommendations of the Select“free of the mask of brute force”, and then open the“violence”tab in the“mask/mask character:”box, enter a password contains the character; if the password is composed of letters, numbers and other random configuration, you should select the“brute force”it. Then open the“brute-force”tab, in“password length”and select a password minimum and maximum length, and the known or estimated length of the password included can be; if the password is composed of lowercase English letters and numbers constituted, it is necessary to select the“character set”below the“a-z”and“0-9”, otherwise it should be the password character set select the appropriate option.

If we password the composition of the ignorant, it should open the“Options”tab, the“ready brute”, the“preliminary dictionary crack”and“use password to the cache preparatory to crack the”Select All. Once the crack failed, it is necessary to modify the original crack provided, such as increasing the password minimum and maximum length range, and select“A-Z”and greater variety of character sets.

! The foolish old man document password full brute-force Proper crack policy can achievemultipliereffect

! The foolish old man document password full brute-force Brute-force-related characters set 2. Crack the code

AOPR crack the Code of the operation is very simple, click the“open a file”button to open the dialog box in“File Type”drop-down list, select“all supported file types”or you want to hack the file types, then locate and select to be cracked file, click“Open”to immediately start cracking the password, the main interface window below the“progress indicator”will show the current hack progress.

Once AOPR find the correct document password, it will automatically pop-up“xxx Password Recovery”(xxx represents the Document Type dialog box, we only have to click the show password rows, such as“Word document open password”to the right end of the button, you can put the hack to get password copied to the clipboard. Then click the“xxx password recovery”in the dialog box“open”, you can open the document in the“Password”dialog box, press Ctrl+V the password is pasted into the inside, you can use the hack to get the password to open the document.

Tip:AOPR(Chinese version)after installation to see is English interface, as long as we select the“Language”menu in the“Chinese”you can see the Simplified Chinese interface. It is designed to crack Microsoft of all types of document passwords, very suitable for Microsoft software users. Perhaps AOPR take into account the fourteen kinds of document formats too much, it's crack speed compared to the following description of Word Password Recovery is slightly slower.

PCD tool spectrum

Software name: Word Password Recovery Software Version: 1.0 L License: shareware Software size: 613KB

(二)Word Password Recovery

Unlike other software, the Intelore cracked software is according to the objects, Word, Excel, etc. divided version, each version of the registration are to be respectively charged. Word Password Recovery latest version supports Word 2000/2002/2 0 0 3 File format, it is not only like AOPR that provide a“brute-force”and violence and based on the“Dictionary”in the dictionary the crack, but also provides a very fast“Booost-Up”crack. Its biggest feature is similar to resuming the functions, the user can in the crack process is temporarily interrupted, the software will automatically remember the current crack position, and then from the off place to continue to crack.

1. Hack settings

With AOPR crack Office document password similar, use Word Password Recovery before also to estimate the password of the constituent features, then a reasonable choice of your own hack strategy.

When we decided to use“violence”to crack the way it should be to open the“Brute-force”tab, the“Enable brute-force attack”option selected. Then in the“Password Length”the following settings password length range, wherein the“Minimal length:”set the password minimum length,“Maximal length:”set the maximum password length.“ Allowed Characters”the following several coating Options Set the password using the character set, the user must be according to the password using the character set: if the password contains lowercase letters and numbers, it should be the“Digits from ’0’to ’9’and Lowercase letters from’a’to’z’”is selected; if the password may contain all printable characters, it is necessary to put“All printable symbols”selected.

If the user intends to use the“Booost-Up”hack, we must open the“Booost-Up Engine”tab, which will“Enable Booost-Up attack”option selected.“ Select Optimization Level”and“Select Acceleration Level”below a single option using the default values, the pursuit of speed the user can select“High”.

If the user intends to use the“Dictionary”in the dictionary to crack the way, it is necessary to open the“Dictionary”tab, the“Enable dictionary attack”selected, as far as using a dictionary file or the like would not.

If the user of the above three tabs in the“Enable...”option is selected, it will use software provides three hack methods to operate.“ Options”tab of the main settings for how long to save cracking progress and the like, we used the software default settings.

! The foolish old man document password full brute-force Word Password Recovery brute force settings, and AOPR similar

! The foolish old man document password full brute-force Unique fast crack mode 2. Crack the code

Word Password Recovery AOPR method of operation is basically the same, since the software can only process a document, so the user click on the main interface window in the“Open”or“Browse”button, Open dialog box, locate the to be cracked file, and then click the“Open”button the file name and path into the window, and finally click on the main interface of the“Start”button to begin to crack document passwords.

When Word Password Recovery to find the correct password later, it will automatically pop up a“Password recovered”dialog box. Where“Password”row shows the crack to get the password, click the“Save”button will open the“Save As”dialog box, the“Password recovered”dialog box displays all the information saved as a text file.

PCD tool spectrum

Software name: Excel Password Recovery Software Version: 1.0 K License: shareware Software size; 572KB

Tip:in addition to the above two software, Intelore for Access, Outlook and other Office document password cracking tools, their interface, working methods are very similar. Interested readers can go tohttp://www.intelore.comto see. Due to Intelore crack Tool the work object is relatively Specific, the use of feeling it crack faster than the AOPR is. Its biggest drawback is a kind of document requires a software counterpart, is not suitable for the document type numerous users.

Three Excel Password Recovery

Excel Password Recovery is a Word Password Recovery Excel version, in addition to the cracked object is Excel documents, it interface, settings, and methods of operation and the former is exactly the same, we refer to the above description.

PCD tool spectrumSoftware name: RAR Password Recovery Software Version: 1.1 RC16 License: shareware Software size: 718KB

Compress document password crack

The compressed document is also present in the comparison of the prevailing exchange Document Format. With Office documents is similar, the compression of the document to decrypt the way the current is mainly brute force, so the relevant tools using the method and also the crack Office documents tool is similar, suggest that you use the right“tool spectrum”recommended RAR Password Recovery and Zip Password.

! The foolish old man document password full brute-force Interface and operation mode with the same company the Office series document password crack tool similar toPCD tool spectrum

Software name: Zip Password Software version: 8.1.4523 License: shareware Software size: 585KB

Software name: Adult PDF Password Recovery Software version: 2.2.0 License: shareware Software size: 816KB

PDF Password crack

Encrypted PDF document is not only unable to modify, not to convert, and even print are not. If you forget the required PDF document password, you can use Adult PDF Password Recovery to crack the password. At this point, the processing of the encrypted PDF document to a lot easier—in front of the Office and compressed files are required by a brute-force way to retrieve the password, for those who set a more complex password for the document, even if we can successfully crack, the consuming time is also quite impressive. While the use of Adult PDF Password Recovery, you can in a very short time to complete the password crack for the 1 2 8-bit following of password, the crack time not more than 5 seconds.

! The foolish old man document password full brute-force Big key-shaped"open"button pressed,the Zip Password Recovery Wizard will appear.

! The foolish old man document password full brute-force Transferred to the encryption of the PDF document after which you can soon complete the hack work