The Common Market encrypted disc crack not full tricks big secret-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Now on the market there are many encrypted discs, these discs are a special form of burn. Put it into drive, it will appear a software installation screen want you to enter the serial number, if serial number is correct it will appear a file browser window, the error then jumps back to the desktop. If you are from the resource browser view of the disc file is some pictures and the like of the file, you want to find the file but how also can not see. Such a thing you come across? If your CD serial number lost or the disc on the serial simply no? Don't worry, look at my“Dragon five” in! The first formula: using UltraEdit, etc. 1 6 hex editor directly to find the serial number Run UltraEdit, the 用 它 打开 光盘 根 目录 下 的 SETUP.EXE then click on the menu“search”->“find”in the pop-up dialog box“find what”box fill in the“please enter serial number”, pay attention to checkbox“find ASCII characters”checked on the carriage return, found the“please enter the serial number”behind, the next number is the serial number. This is a straight take in the Palace(serial number), amazing! Second: use IsoBuster other disc burning software to Go directly to the Browse on the disc hidden files Run IsoBuster, select the encrypted disk where the optical drive, click the selection bar next to the Refresh button, then it will read the CD drive in the file, then you will find on the left of the file browsing box in a folder, there's what you really want to file. In this case you can run or copy these files. This one formula at a glance, clearly! Third formula: to use the virtual drive software(such as Vcdrom, virtual CD 2 0 0 0)and the 1 6 hexadecimal editor(such as UltraEdit, And WinHex) The method is: 1. Use virtual drive software to encrypt the CD into a virtual CD file, the progress to 1%of the time you can press Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination to forcibly terminate the virtual CD drive to run the program. 2. With the 1 6 hexadecimal editor open the only do%1 of the CD-ROM file(suffix named vcd or fcd files), in the Edit window up and down to find any visible directory name or file name(because the file is not very easy to find), in the position of the upper and lower you can see hidden directory name or file name(usually the directory name). 3. In the MS-DOS window using CD command to enter to see the directory, and then Dir can see what you want, at this time is to run or copy a file with you. This formula left and right each stroke, then powerful disk encryption also in the difficult to escape. Fourth: in the optical drive where the drive letter under execution: d r2filelist. exe to run the browser program(filelist. exe is hidden browse the disc program). Use this method to deal with a lot of discs are effective, but I dare not say 1 0 0% effective, and why? Because I can't put all the discs have been tried! This formula does not need registration code, no need software, fashion choice! The fifth formula: use the File Monitor to deal with hidden directory of encrypted disc File Monitor this software you may not very familiar with, it is pure“green”free software, you can monitor the system specified in the file health, such as specifying a file to open which file, close the file, which file is the data read and the like. Through it, you specify the monitoring of the file has any read, write, open the other file operations can be monitored down, and provide complete report information. Haha, clever of you certainly think? Yes! Is to use it for this function to monitor the encrypted disk in a file operation, thus get what we want. Below a new version of the DDR dance disc, for example, take a look at how to find hidden directory. 1. Running File Monitor's main file FileMon, in the“Options”within the“Capture Events”on the hook; and 2. Run the DDR dance disc, when you select the dance has been transferred to the memory to exit the DDR; and 3. Back to FileMon, to see what? Yes! All the file calls are being recorded! Now and then“Capture Events”in front of the hook removed, lest it is still continue to increase records, and then look at the record of what. The following is the interception of part of the content: Explorer FindOpen E:DDR99.EXE SUCCESS Explorer FindClose E:DDR99.EXE SUCCESS ............ ......... ..................... ............ ......... ..................... Ddr99 FindOpen E:BGMS.WAV under the nomore Ddr99 FindOpen E:BGMS.WAV under the nomore ............ ......... ..................... ............ ......... ..................... Ddr99 Open E:BGMTRACK_01.WAV SUCCESS Ddr99 Seek E:BGMTRACK_01.WAV SUCCESS Everything is obvious, the original version of the DDR dance disc its encryption subdirectory“BGM”! the Okay, you can like to track a copy down to return the disc. This is a dragnet, let hidden directory nowhere to hide!