Do not think that the installation of a firewall,I political don't you-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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How to make tcp packets and udp packets through the firewall by this article httptunnel technology At the same time escaped the firewall shield, as well as the system's tracking test, we can seeNetworksafe to rely only on some or a few of the means are unreliable, while the security system of blind dependence tends to create huge security risks. Hope that through this article can cause the administrator of thenetworksecurity protectionsystem of thinking. What is http hidden passage what is a local area network security, system administrators how to ensure LAN security? This is a constantly changing concept of security, a very long a time since, in the LAN and the external interconnect is placed at a firewall, strictly control the open ports, it can to a large extent on mastering the security of the initiative, convenient control inside and outside the network the user can use the service. For example, on the firewall only open 8 0, and 5 3 of the two ports, then either the inside or the outside of the malicious people will not be able to use some already proven more dangerous service. But to note that, the firewall in some sense is very stupid, the administrator of the firewall of the excessive reliance on and thereby produce slack mood will inevitably form the security of the major hazard, as a proof that channel technology is a good example, which is also herein discussed.