How to use database control Serv-U-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Serv-U ODBC Database using

Serv-U 5.0 and above supports ODBCdatalibraries, can use thedatalibrary managementaccount, the permissions apply to the need to provide an FTP download of the BBS forums, music sites, software sites, movie sites, enterpriseweband the like, particularly in a multi-table FTPserviceserver cluster environment, all FTPserviceis a shared setaccount numberdatalibrary, maintenance and management.

Use thedatalibrary examples in this station or this download to <> First in the new domain, the fourth step selection are as follows:

Will download thedatalibraries to build ODBCdata

Then in Serv-U, you can use ODBCdatasource. In Serv-U ODBC settings manually setdatasource name with eachdatacorresponding to the field names, this step can also be directly in the ServUDaemon. ini file adding the following content

[DomainXX] where XX is the domain number of the ODBC domain.

ODBCTables=user accounts|group accounts|user access|group access|user IP access|group IP access ODBCColumns=user|password|skey|homedir||access|disable||relpaths|||changepass|quotaenable||||maxusers| ||ratioup|ratiodown|ratiocredit|quotacurrent|quotamax|expiration|privilege|passtype|ratiotype|groups|notes|indexno

After the restartservice.