Crack disc encryption: the DVD of the blockbuster copy to the hard-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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A few years ago VCD legitimate popular, we will often VCD, Mpegav directory under the file copy directly to the hard disk, so not only can reduce drive wear and tear, but also to ensure the VCD of smooth playback. Now, when we play a DVD movie when the DVD drive is more busy, if you can spend some time the DVD content on the disc is copied to hard disk for playback, that's not it can be the optical disk toil to liberate? Before the application of the VCD on the copy method can directly apply to on the DVD?

First, the direct copy method

Earlier introduction of DVD common sense when it comes to DVD disc all video files, subtitles all stored in the VIDEO_TS under the VOB file and the IFO file is used to control the VOB playback important files, the BUP files are IFO files of the backup files in the IFO cannot be read when the alternative role. So, in principle, as long as we have the VIDEO_TS an entire folder all by disc copy to the hard disk, should be able to directly play.

Copy and paste operations here don't have much to say, just a copy of the time depending on the DVD drive of the multiples and the DVD disc of volume there will be a difference. Copy to hard drive in DVD movie how to play? To PowerDVD for example. Start PowerDVD, click with the mouse on the panel“select source file”button in the pop-up menu, select“Open disk in the DVD movie”, shown in Figure 1, then in the pop-up path selection dialog box, specify our copy of the DVD movie folder, you can normally play, and on the disc player and no difference.

! Figure 1 displays the hard disk file

Second, decrypted and then copied

In using the direct copy method, we will find that many DVD's does not allow us the DVD file feel free to copy to the hard drive, and some even can be copied, but also can not be normal play, it is necessary to say that the DVD encryption.

DVD generally uses a named CSS(Content Scrambling System, The contents of the irregular systems, the encryption method, which is used to prevent in the absence of the decryption key when a direct read from the disc the multimedia file attempts. However, there are key there is a decryption, DeCSS appeared. DeCSS is by the Norwegian Technology Development Organization. the Master of Reverse Engineering development. It can obtain a valid decryption key, making it easy to copy encrypted DVD files. The Copy all the VOB extension file to decrypt the state stored in the hard disk, since in that during playback of the video is not encrypted, and therefore stored to the hard disk in the file there is no encryption information.

With DeCSS technology, no matter DVD disc is encrypted, we can copy it to the hard drive, just encrypted DVD copy of the When you need by means of the application of the DeCSS technology software. This aspect of the software has DeCSS1. 21b, CladDVD, De-MPAA, and SmartRipper 2.41, DVD Decrypter, etc., We to DVD Decrypter, for example, instructions to decrypt the copy operation.

Install and launch DVD Decrypter, such as Figure 2, We may only need three steps to complete decrypted copy.

! Figure 2 The DVD Decrypter main interface

  1. Select the paragraph or document

The default mode DVD Decrypter will take the IFO mode, i.e., automatic analysis of the DVD disc in the IFO file, and on the right side 1 of the display shows each file, movies, paragraphs. We click directly on the front of the check box you can select the appropriate file.

If we are not too accustomed to this way, you can select the Menu“Mode→File”, then the right side of the window then becomes as shown in Figure 3 of the styles. This model shows a DVD disc in all the VOB, IFO and BUP files, we can Ctrl and Shift to multi-select files. In accordance with our previous analysis, select the VOB files and the corresponding IFO file.

! Figure 3 is DVD Decrypter file mode

  1. Set the Save path

As shown in Figure 2 of the Destination entry, set the path to save.

  1. Copied to the hard disk

Click the lower-left corner of the Decrypt button we select the file to decrypt copy to the hard disk. In the process of copying, we can also from the pop-up status window to see copy progress, for example, the target file storage location, the copy of the file size, replication rate, have been used time, remaining time, etc. as shown in Figure 4, If click“Cancel”button, but also be able to forcibly abort the copy process.

! Figure 4 copy progress display


In addition to directly Copy DVD disc, DVD Decrypter also has a number of features, such as put any DVD disc to do a mirror image directly for some of the virtual drive to use, etc.