pubwin Internet cafe Charging System fast crack-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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pubwin Internet cafe Charging System fast crack

The tutorial is very simple, let everyone laugh! Master skip.

First step: cut away pubwin.exe can be achieved,press the“win” key, select “Search—for files or folder” search “pubwin.exe” the program cut to other places(“pubwin.exe”the program itself did not ban the“search”of this one) If the“ win” key can't use,you can use input vulnerability to find out “pubwin.exe” CTRL+SHIFT to quickly switch the input method to”spelling”to bring up the input method status bar select“Help—keyboard Getting Started—options—internet Options—Settings—view objects”then you know what to do—search

Second step: search for cmd and run that in the command line establish an administrator user(if you have account skip this step) net user fox fox /add net localgroup administrators fox /add

Step three: log out run the cmd command. the shutdown –l (note the XP only, so the tutorial for the XP system) Next, using your account login system can be free access to the Internet, network:"you boy take the money to the counter to open the card it!"