Built on the Windows XP Welcome screen hidden user-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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In the school Dorm, many people in the machine are set to the Windows XP login password, and in the boot after the Welcome screen is displayed. If we took them away secretly add a user, since you will in the Windows XP Welcome screen is displayed. This was so that we on the machine the master is not the time to use his machine dream turned into a bubble, and if through Group Policy settings, the login screen into Windows 2 0 0 0 the classic login screen and will often trigger someone's suspicions. That exactly there is no a simple method to be able to achieve in the upgrade your Windows XP to establish a in the Welcome screen and control panel the user option does not display the hidden user? Oh, look at the following article, maybe will inspire you.

First select My Computer, right-click, select Manage. In the open Computer Management window, expand Local Users and groups. In the selected user sub-item, we will be on the right of the window to see the already established user. At this time we are on the right side of the window blank, click the right mouse button, and select New User. As shown in Figure 1:


Figure 1

After we can edit a file called Backup Operator user and can make the appropriate edit. As shown in Figure 2:


Figure 2

Tip: note that the last you want to cancel the default the next time the user login required a password change option, and select user cannot change password and password never expires options.

After we click Create, close. At this time we will find more out of a Backup Operator user. Now we double-click the user in the pop-up window, select the member of tab, click Add, the select Groups dialog box. As shown in Figure 3:


Figure 3

We now select Advanced in the new dialog box, select Find Now and Select Backup operators and click OK, the next step is in the Select Group dialog box, click OK. As shown in Figure 4:


Figure 4 Also have to emphasize the point is: we must be in the Backup Operator user's member of tab, will be affiliated under the User group to delete, as shown in Figure 5:


Figure 5

Open the Control Panel user options, we will find here and not just us the built in account, as shown in Figure 6.


Figure 6

Now restart your computer, in the Windows XP Welcome screen found under the same without our username. What should I do? We can simultaneously press the Crtl-Alt-Del keys, then see what? This is not a Windows 2 0 0 0 the classic Login dialog box? Haha, now we enter the user name after you can enjoy the blue sky and white clouds of the world!

This article in the Windows XP Professional Edition+ SP2 under the test is successful, due to the Windows XP Home Edition does not support user and group functionality, so you cannot use this method.