Use SMBCrack to crack the remote-host admin-password-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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SMBCrack for stream light 5 development of test prototype, and the conventional SMB shared violent hack tool, not using the system API, but the use of the SMB Protocol. Windows 2 0 0 0 can be in the same session for multiple password probe.

Use SMBCrack crack the remote host administrator password you first need to configure dictionary. As shown in Figure 1, The Open flow of light→tools→hacking dictionary III-streamer version, enter the configuration interface:

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Generating the dictionary, in under DOS start the SMBCrack, the start interface as shown in Figure 3:

Figure 3

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SMBCrack format: SMBCrack <IP> <Username> <Password file>

Where:<IP>: the remote computer's IP

<Username>: the username, such as Administrator

<Password file>: dictionary file.

For example: we want to crack the IP 1 6 9. 2 5 4. 1 9. 7 3 This sets the remote host's Administrator user's password, the command as shown in Figure 4, The input command smbcrack administrator c:\1.dic the.

Figure 4

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Figure 5

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Run the command after waiting a period of time, if your dictionary configuration match exactly to the password, then you can guess the solution of the remote host password, as shown in Figure 5, The remote host the user administrator password for zmhacker it.