Scotty no trace CleanCache help you erase private history-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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In viruses and hackers to wreak havoc today, personal information security is particularly important, so that your information is not leaked out, the usual practice is to clear XP history, we can right-click on“Start”--properties--customize--clear, on the IE Properties window in Microsoft also provides clear Internet history recording method, the history of the number of days is set to 0, and in the high pick on the“When I close the browser to empty the Temporary Internet Files folder”, and manually click the“General”tab the“clear history records”.

Do the above after the operation, in the IE address drop-down list is indeed a blank frame, but when you in the address bar enter the URL, you will find that there are some history is displayed, as shown:


This shows that relying solely on theoperating systemits own“clear history”is not completely clean. Today to introduce to you a small software to do for us for free“Scavenger” in.

CleanCache is a utility to clear Internet traces free small tool only applies to Windows XP systems. Its main functions are as follows: clear the Temporary internet Files and history(index. dat); clear Cookies, by the users themselves select Save; to clear the input URL; clear autocomplete content; list of recently opened files; running of the historical record; results of the search history, Windows temporary files; the registry and the trash, and so on.

From the Internet to download the software for installation, then run the interface as shown in Figure:


So far this software has only the English version to some of my friends use to bring some difficulties, it has a total of eight tabs: Status, Internet Explorer, Windows, Cookies, Typed URLs, Additives, Options, About, respectively, the following description:

The Status tab displays the all clear operation information with the state.

Internet Explorer tab as shown above. Part VI settings:

  1. Internet Explorer Selection

Clean Temp Internet Files clear IE temporary files

Clean History, clear IE history

Clean Cookies clear Cookies

Clean Typed URLs clear in the Address box to manually enter the address

Clean Form AutoComplete clear the“Internet Options\content\personal information\autocomplete”information stored in the

  1. index. dat file selection

Clean Temporary Internet Files the index. dat to clear the IE temporary folder in the index file

Clean History index. dat clean history index file

Clean Cookies index. dat clear Cookies index file

  1. Outlook Express

Clean Deleted Items to clear the OE“Deleted Items folder”in the mail

Clean Outbox Items to clear OE“Sent Items folder”in the mail

Clean the Sent Items to clear the OE in the“Outbox”of the mail

  1. Alternate Browser Selection

In the drop-down box, select your used browser.

  1. Clean IE items at Setting 1 Select the items to clear the way: at system startup, shutdown, shut down IE, the note must match the Options tab the settings in the fit.

  2. Clean OE items at settings 3 Select the items to clear the way, Ibid.

The Windows tab displays

  1. Windows Selection

Clean My Recent Documents Clear recent documents history

Clean Start Run History clear“run”history

Clean Search History to clear the“Search”in the history

Clean User Temp Directory cleanup C:\Documents and Settings\ \Local Settings\Temp.

Clean Windows\Temp Directory remove C:\Windows\Temp.

Clean C:\Temp Directory clear C:\Temp directory.

Clean the MRU Registry Entries remove registry of history of

Empty Recycle Bins empty Recycle Bin

Clean Clipboard emptied clipboard

Clean Windows XP Prefetch to clear the system pre-read the file

Clean UserAssist Registry entries to clear Explorer. exe is stored in the registry in history