Practical primary hacking tutorials-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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If you're not a newbie,you don't see myarticle, because I myself is a rookie. Delay you valuable time, and I was also having a hard time... ...

I learned of the invasion has been nearly 3 months now,first month I feel their technology is leaps and bounds,then more than a month I feel as though what size are not,in fact, this seems to be to fall in love,just the beginning is love,the feelings continues to heat up,to a certain time,it will enter the flat light of day,but as long as the stick,will be able to success! (This is what with what Ah?) I sent this post,because this is me 3 months to accumulate it out of absolute practical experience,get started fast,high efficiency! I really wanted to share it,because I built 3 honker exchange qq Group(3 0 4 6 0 5 8 3 2 3 8 3 7 2 2 8 2 2 2 4 8 Now as if the are full,if anyone would like to add,send me qq181555838,fellow after all to take care of. huh,if necessary,I open the two groups,dedicated to our Fuyang people),in the group,it is often asked"I will not invade,can teach me?" If you feel want to"suddenly"learn of the invasion,then,read on.

1,the fool has invaded

The reason that this is a fool,because this method is completely without a brain,and the conservative said,according to this method,two hours for sure at least invasion of the 3 computers! 3 sets is definitely a conservative number!

Needsoftware:WinntAutoAttack (version:V2. 0) Remote Administrator v2. 0(referred to as RA) 3 3 8 9 Lander(xp comes with a,If xp,don'tdownload, is the"Start"-"All Programs"-"Accessories"-"communications"-"Remote Desktop Connection"

Don't know in which of the following? With Baidu search! My least favorite is when in a group where I tell someone whatsoftware, he also chatter ask me"where to next? Put the address to me",too lazy for it,don'tdownloadto the address in my head? I not to search?

Well,below we begin the invasion,below is the process:

The first step. Open WinntAutoAttack,is that grenade sign,in the"starting ip"and"destination ip", fill in the last ip segment,and try to put the scope to engage in large point,such as in the"starting ip", fill in the"",in the"target ip", fill in the"". ip section recommended that the next significant ip qq,your qq friends ip to fill. The probability of winning greater! The hook on"only the ping check is successful the machine for detecting","detection 3 3 8 9 port"and"collect netbios information"

In the"IIS overflow"tab, select"Open 9 9 port shell",this is used to open 9 9 port for telnet,if you don't use telnet,this will not hook up. In the"simple administrator password"tab, select"list all password simple Admin Account"and"upload and install the remote Graphics Controllersoftware". In the"sql vulnerabilities"tab, too,is to put the three boxes are hit on the hook,is"listed with a blank password for the sa account""the establishment of the system administrator account(shanlu)"and"upload and install the remote Graphics Controllersoftware".

Well,connected to the Internet(you won't even the network didn't even?) According to you the performance of the machine,bring the thread tone down,is drag that little slider,more to the right Thread greater,if your machine performance is not good,is too large the thread will die of the machine! My machine performance is good,I only used 1 1 0 about the thread,and sometimes I will die... ...(cry... ...)

ok! Everything is in place! Point"start" . Next,next, what do we do? In the qq chat bar,etc.

The second step. Time passed quickly,after half an hour the bar,we see nothing as a result,the point"information",put the top of the"crap box"the content down

Host: 3 3 8 9,Windows 2 0 0 0 Advance Server Terminal port open. The SQL vulnerability: sa account password is empty. The establishment of the system administrator account shanlu()success

Haha,have a broiler,this is 3 3 8 9 The broiler,we use 3 3 8 9 Lander landing up,filled his ip,user name is shanlu,the password is empty,his machine just show in front of us!

If there is such a prompt:

Host: 3 3 8 9,Windows 2 0 0 0 Advance Server Terminal port open. Simple admin password: Account: TsInternetUser(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0)[Administrators]

It shows the user name is TsInternetUser password is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0,if the brackets have nothing,it shows the password is empty,that is to say in the brackets is the password,in front of the user name. Note,the account must be a administrator account,otherwise login does not go up!" [Administrators]"tell us this is an administrator account.

If the host prompt open 4 8 9 9 port or prompted to"install the remote Graphics Controllersoftwaresuccessfully",we can use Remote Administrator! (Remote Administrator need to install,highly recommended after the installation of the service end of the uninstall,method:Start-Run,in the"Run"box fill in"winnt\system32\re_server.exe the /uninstall",note that"winnt"or"windows"to see your machines system folder what is a)uninstall successful will bounce a dialog box comes out,says"removed successfully"if you don't uninstall, at least also after installation to the server a password, because the RA was not ahacktool, he is a very convenient remote help tool, even better than the windows built-in Remote Assistance tool with the also to be comfortable, but it also much like a Trojan, there are client and server side, so you have to put the service end of the uninstall or encryption code words, it may"螳螂捕蝉, yellow Magpie in the post"you will become someone the target of the attack.

Open the ra client, that is, the one with a red"R"icon, the blue is the service end, not to the point tips to the infusion registration code, generally thisdownloadwhile in the"readme"file can be found, if not found, I'll give you one: 08le-2jgMggTuKc8bRD8VVC4O9107Hz1p7qkNubrsges4odbdanftk+ki2pQZHmM7lhys

VBux8HE7udeSR0D1E0 Long. haha, then put that hook on the hook, the hook means is the next time no longer appear in this window are garbled, Halo~~)

Enter the RA of the main interface, we point the"add new connection to the list of"to establish a new connection in the pop up window two boxes are filled on the just opened 4 8 9 9 or the installed Graphics Controllersoftwarethe success of the machine's ip, click ok, look at the lower lot out of a little Computer icon? Double-click into it, see what? Is not see my screen? People in what you have to see clearly. ha ha!

Slow it!!! What Are you doing, don't tamper with his screen! Take a look at your what is the use of patterns in there! I come to introduce under the upper 1 3 a button effect, I'll tell you which 7 commonly used.

Paragraph 2 of a button, we have just used, is to add host button

The 3 of a button, Delete the host

No. 5 a button(the middle of the first one: this button the most! The first point is this, and then double-click your lower broiler icons into it, you can not only see the broiler of the screen, also can completely control his machine!!, the Not letter, you double-click his icon on the desktop try! to! Or he is opening the window off! I how so bad?) Isn't it and with your own computer? Ha! In the beginning you might not used to this kind of control, slowly you'll get used to. However, with this to be careful, because you control his computer's operation, as long as your broiler before someone, he would have found, a little smarter, he immediately goes offline, and now the chickens are mostly floating ip, well, you this chicken white find, also didn't play Fun No ...

Paragraph 6 a button: you can only see the screen, but can't control his computer, for the observation of his machine's movement, such as guess he front of the machine there is now no one.

The first 7 a button: the alternative to the telnet function, you can use this mode to go in, see it and cmd under the almost, you be in the lower to you this broiler plus a password, so that later the intruder went into not to go, of course, a master can still go in, but he is sure to exploit other vulnerabilities, and you can also in side do you want to do everything!

The first 8 a button, Enter folder mode. The top is your machine folder, the lower of course is he, here you can put your machine where the Trojan is transmitted to his machine, of course if you found him on the machine what you want, you can also lower down, and everything in unnoticed among the(thief is??) Specific practices? One word: drag! Put your file with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON hold drag to the bottom of his folder on the release is uploaded, which in turn is thedownloada convenient?

The first 9 a button, you can remote to he shut down, re-starting or something, How do I say? RA really well, cool!

Step 3: If appear this: Host: The SQL vulnerability: sa account password is empty. The establishment of the system administrator account(shanlu)success. This shows that we can use the SQL vulnerability, see WinntAutoAttack that“SQLCMD execution”of the tab? The point of it. In“the host”behind the input ip, the other does not move, point“connection”,“connected to host:”this time you point under“implementation”the default implementation of"dir c:\", and his c disk file is not in front of you? For example, the lower edge perform a“net start telnet”is to put it telnet open, and then open a cmd window, with just the administrator account"shanlu"telnet on the go! Specifically How do, I the nextarticlein speaking of the ipc$when then speak.

In fact, this is completely hacker approach, a long time, you will find, so do a little meaning also have no, gradually you will lose the original kind of sense of achievement, after all, in this process, when you put the process to touch the cooked, the entire invasion process, you don't have to use a little brain, however, just started to do or are there benefits, it will increase your confidence, and sometimes you may encounter some problems, so that you can slowly grasp the point of the invasion of knowledge.

Originally wanted to continue to write the second section of the ipc$invasion of the practical process, because the ipc$invasion of the tutorials I see online though there are much better, may be nothing more than a few mode, not very practical, for the uninitiated, which is impossible as they cite the example of so smooth, if encountered a little problem, we couldn't proceed, so I think based on my combat experience, write a practical ipc$invasion of the tutorial, but now the hands are really tired, tomorrow is back to school, you may have to wait next week go back to home and then wrote, just this week, interested can try next, I this tutorial how, like the familiar, we then proceed to the next lesson, Well, I hope you read, and feel useful, then, to the top!

Again, I'm just a rookie, please master do not laugh it!!!!