In serv-u to hide your account-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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First confirm that the SERV-U installed and can run correctly. Here is a SERV-U extensions, must be installed in the SERV-U3. 0 version of the above! This pack contains a total 4 files webseru.dll myservu. mdb webservu. ini readme.txt wherein myservu. the mdb is used to store the account number and the password is not encrypted it. webservu. ini save some configuration information///////////////////////////////////////// //the following is webservu. ini content//////////////////////////////////////// [main] homeDir=d:\mydoc\ dbFile=myservu. mdb logfile=on/////////////////////////// wherein homeDir=d:\mydoc\represents your FTP root directory, if you have a new account abc,then the account abc of the main directory of d:\mydoc\abc, you have to ensure that d:\mydoc\abc exists, otherwise access can not. Note that the main directory behind the\no less. dbFile=myservu. mdb defines the account database file name, you can copy it to other directory, but must contain the directory name. For example dbFile=e:\mydoc\ser. mdb. The program also does not detect whether the file exists. If the database file and myservu. dll in the same directory then you do not need to include the path! logfile=on indicates that the record login information, does not record the words will be on instead of off. How to get serv-u to load myservu,dll? First, to ensure that serv-u has been able to run, find the serv-u installation directory of the ServUDaemon. ini file to add the [EXTERNAL] ClientCheckDLL1=c:\mydoc\webseru.dll if webseru. the dll is placed in the serv-u installation directory may not be the path directly with a file name such as: ClientCheckDLL1=webseru.dll memory disk, restart the serv-u.