I want to see the code to crack the encrypted pages of the text had the brilliant idea-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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<font face=Verdana>believe that most people's machines are equipped with one or more of text, web page editing software, such as:powerful premium software, Dreamweaver MX, Word XP, the system comes with relatively low-level software, NotePad, And WordPad for. And these software exist between the advanced software compatible with low-level software for text modifications, namely: low-level software can filter out the high-level software for text modification. <P> for example: we are in Word XP to a paragraph of text plus color, hyperlink, and then put this text“Cut-Copy”to NotePad, and then it will be“cut-copy”to Word XP, then surely you can see, previously on this section of the text modifications(Color, Super-links)is already lost, we put this phenomenon is defined as the low-level software is Advanced Software modified the text of the filter. </P> <P> then the filter functions what is the purpose? Had wanted to use this filtering function of the filter go to the Advanced Software modified the text of the label code, but I think more trouble, so just delete this method. Believe that the filter function must have a multi-purpose, I hope you can to this discussion. Back to the subject, encrypted web page with Dreamweaver MX to do, then the encrypted page of course it can also be used to edit! In IE we can't copy those text, because within the block of program code at run. The question, then, focus on: program code is activated! Oh, that's good. We use Dreamweaver MX to open saved on the hard disk of the encrypted page so the entire page is in Edit state, so that the program code will not be activated, then we can“do whatever they want”.& lt;/P> <P> note: with Dreamweaver MX and let be the encryption of the page is in edit mode, and then copy the text in Windows XP + to Dreamweaver MX have been through!& lt;/P></font>