Newcomers scratch contact of hacking knowledge learning method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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<P> today, there are many people ask me:“I read your article, but I'm new, Is there any learning method?” My answer is;“of course there Ah, but people and people are different, the method is their summary out, and my previous articles the noun are the same as me in learning based on their own experience and on his understanding of summed up.” Below I've put my own learning experience to write out for your reference, we can according to my method to summarize sets for their own learning methods, so that our progress is very necessary, with a systematic approach, believe that progress is not a difficult thing to do.& lt;/P> <P> novice HACK, first there are a few points of advice:</P> <P> 1, that is, not to their age as an excuse, I used to a student's learning is not something that is to their own age to learn is not an excuse, I can actually say that age is not what shortcomings, you grow, and because of your age, you can learn things only more.& lt;/P> <P> 2, Do not what questions are asked, this maybe someone don't understand, why you say that? Because not long ago There was a post called the question of the wisdom of believe everyone has seen it(what? You didn't see? Down, go see the go!)。 Inside write something really worth everyone to learn, in particular inside the introduction of a method, is to baidu or google when a teacher, have a question just ask him, believe you to ask him than go to the forum to ask someone to the Quick.& lt;/P> <P> 3, do not three days of heat, this I see a lot of around there are many friends are like this, see I'm a little small achievements and want to learn to HACK, then learn to not say this without meaning to, this is a big mistake. Not you cannot learn, you lazy school, afraid of hardship, where there is learning 3 day a HACKER people, I is not seen, the many achievements of the HACKER are with their own efforts only in exchange for their own results. Also, learning to hack when you must not be in a hurry, a problem can not solve, do not give up, try other methods to see to achieve their own purposes is not, sometimes in order to get a server permissions to let the server re-starting, you need to wait for several days(unless youDDOShe may come on) it.& lt;/P> <P> okay, the following describes the following learning methods:</P> <P> 1, The first to have this learning material, you can adopt the hacker X-Files " and "hacker defense" and " non-security and to our black group to learn, have many people say, not read, which is something too esoteric? My answer is:“read also look, one will not understand look at the two, or even more, no one is down it will walk. Don't understand just ask.” Before I start learning, is to read, Watch A after you confused and do not understand anything, you stick to look down, see a few months later, but many things are natural to understand is what things. Later as long as saw the title you probably can guess what the article relates to the content. So reading books is very necessary, but there is not everything believe a book written, computer this science is the most practice-oriented, to see the content of the article appeals to you, go find an environment to practice under the bar, conditional to, no conditions create conditions also want to.& lt;/P> <P> 2, and is oriented myself to learn the content, always adhere to the school down, the appropriate time to learn some other, and universities and no one has a different professional, like, the main function of their profession, and then learning other things, such as you like invasion of the site, you learn the point of the script. Like invasion of individuals, go to point a remote overflow, the configuration of the Trojan horse or something. Like programming, just select your favorite language-learning go, the couple propose to learn VB, C/C++is also good.& lt;/P> <P> 3, Multi-go to the forum to see the posts, see for yourself know, do not know the answer they know about the problem, because in your answer to yourself to understand the issues at the same time, his own deepened awareness of the issue, because others can understand what you said only to illustrate your own real understanding of this problem. When it comes to their own do not understand the problem, first try yourself to find the answer(google)and then try to answer this on your own do not understand the problem.& lt;/P> <P> 4, more understanding friends, because some problems can not solve when to ask the next friend, he may be able to help you out, because 2 personal thinking than a person's strong point, to take into account things too much.& lt;/P> <P> 5, do not blindly apprentice, I'm not opposed to the apprentice, because I also have a master, also need to coach it. But the advice you apprentice before you know your master, good at what, for example, you want to learn the invasion of individual host, looking for a script invasion of the strong Master, of course not. Also master is just a guide we learn, all things still have to rely on our own learning, the Do not understand something to find the master to solve, to understand something of their own to practice more, and then continue to learn new knowledge, otherwise you will be eliminated.& lt;/P> <P> the above is the I to study a little advice, today mind a little Chaos, may be the article wrote too good, I hope you forgive me, finally I hope you are able to soar to great heights, from the rookie!& lt;/P>