MS13-073: Description of the security update for Microsoft Excel 2003: September 10, 2013

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<html><body><p>This security update addresses the vulnerabilities by correcting how Microsoft Excel and other affected Microsoft software validates data when parsing specially crafted Office files and by correcting the manner in which the XML parser used by Excel resolves external entities within a specially crafted file.</p><h2>INTRODUCTION</h2><div class="kb-summary-section section">Microsoft has released security bulletin MS13-073. To view the complete security bulletin, go to one of the following Microsoft websites: <ul class="sbody-free_list"><li>Home users:<div class="indent"><a href="" id="kb-link-1" target="_self"></a></div><span class="text-base">Skip the details</span>: Download the updates for your home computer or laptop from the Microsoft Update website now:<br/><div class="indent"><a href="" id="kb-link-2" target="_self"></a></div></li><li>IT professionals:<div class="indent"><a href="" id="kb-link-3" target="_self"></a></div></li></ul><h3 class="sbody-h3">How to obtain help and support for this security update</h3> Help installing updates: <a href="" id="kb-link-4" target="_self">Support for Microsoft Update</a><br/><br/>Security solutions for IT professionals: <br/><a href="" id="kb-link-5" target="_self">TechNet Security Troubleshooting and Support</a><br/><br/>Help protect your computer that is running Windows from viruses and malware:<br/><a href="" id="kb-link-6" target="_self">Virus Solution and Security Center</a><br/><br/>Local support according to your country: <br/><a href="" id="kb-link-7" target="_self">International Support</a><br/><br/></div><h2>More Information</h2><div class="kb-moreinformation-section section"><h3 class="sbody-h3">Known issues with this update</h3><ul class="sbody-free_list"><li>Customers may have been repeatedly offered this update even though it was already installed.<br/><br/><br/><span class="text-base">Note</span> This issue is resolved by a detection change released September 13, 2013. This change did not affect the updated files. This change only affects the way that we offer the updates to customers. Customers who have successfully installed the update do not have to take any action. <br/></li></ul></div><h2></h2><div class="kb-moreinformation-section section"><h4 class="sbody-h4">Prerequisites to apply this security update</h4>To install this security update, you must have Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 installed on the computer.<br/><br/>For more information about how to obtain the service pack, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: <div class="indent"><a href="" id="kb-link-9">870924 </a> How to obtain the latest service pack for Office 2003</div></div><h2></h2><div class="kb-moreinformation-section section"><h4 class="sbody-h4">Restart information</h4>You do not have to restart the computer after you install this security update.</div><h2></h2><div class="kb-moreinformation-section section"><h4 class="sbody-h4">Security update replacement information</h4>This security update replaces the following security update:<div class="indent"><a href="" id="kb-link-10">2687481 </a> MS12-076: Description of the security update for Excel 2003: November 13, 2012</div></div><h2></h2><div class="kb-moreinformation-section section"><h4 class="sbody-h4">Removal information</h4>To remove this security update, use the <strong class="uiterm">Add or Remove Programs</strong> item or the <strong class="uiterm">Programs and Features</strong> item in Control Panel.<br/><br/><span class="text-base">Note</span> When you remove this security update, you may be prompted to insert the disc that contains Excel 2003. Additionally, you may not have the option to uninstall this security update from the <strong class="uiterm">Add or Remove Programs</strong> item or the <strong class="uiterm">Programs and Features</strong> item in Control Panel. There are several possible causes of this issue.<br/><br/> For more information about the removal, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:<br/><br/><div class="indent"><a href="" id="kb-link-11">903771 </a> Information about the ability to uninstall Office updates</div></div><h2></h2><div class="kb-summary-section section"><h4 class="sbody-h4">File information</h4>The English (United States) version of this security update has the file attributes (or later file attributes) that are listed in the following table. The dates and times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). When you view the file information, it is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the <strong class="uiterm">Time Zone</strong> tab in the <strong class="uiterm">Date and Time</strong> item in Control Panel.<h5 class="sbody-h5 text-subtitle">For all supported editions of Excel 2003 </h5><div class="table-responsive"><table class="sbody-table table"><tr class="sbody-tr"><th class="sbody-th">File name</th><th class="sbody-th">File version</th><th class="sbody-th">File size</th><th class="sbody-th">Date</th><th class="sbody-th">Time</th></tr><tr class="sbody-tr"><td class="sbody-td">Excel.exe</td><td class="sbody-td">11.0.8404</td><td class="sbody-td">10,359,448</td><td class="sbody-td">29-May-2013</td><td class="sbody-td">04:08</td></tr></table></div></div></body></html>