Pandora FMS Events Remote Command Execution


This module exploits a vulnerability (CVE-2020-13851) in Pandora FMS versions 7.0 NG 742, 7.0 NG 743, and 7.0 NG 744 (and perhaps older versions) in order to execute arbitrary commands. This module takes advantage of a command injection vulnerability in the `Events` feature of Pandora FMS. This flaw allows users to execute arbitrary commands via the `target` parameter in HTTP POST requests to the `Events` function. After authenticating to the target, the module attempts to exploit this flaw by issuing such an HTTP POST request, with the `target` parameter set to contain the payload. If a shell is obtained, the module will try to obtain the local MySQL database password via a simple `grep` command on the plaintext `/var/www/html/pandora_console/include/config.php` file. Valid credentials for a Pandora FMS account are required. The account does not need to have admin privileges. This module has been successfully tested on Pandora 7.0 NG 744 running on CentOS 7 (the official virtual appliance ISO for this version).