Updated kernel packages fix security vulnerabilities


This kernel update is based on upstream 5.15.65 and fixes at least the following security issues: An out-of-bounds memory read flaw was found in the Linux kernel's BPF subsystem in how a user calls the bpf_tail_call function with a key larger than the max_entries of the map. This flaw allows a local user to gain unauthorized access to data (CVE-2022-2905). A race condition was found in the Linux kernel's IP framework for transforming packets (XFRM subsystem) when multiple calls to xfrm_probe_algs occurred simultaneously. This flaw could allow a local attacker to potentially trigger an out-of-bounds write or leak kernel heap memory by performing an out-of-bounds read and copying it into a socket (CVE-2022-3028). There exists a use-after-free in io_uring in the Linux kernel. Signalfd_poll() and binder_poll() use a waitqueue whose lifetime is the current task. It will send a POLLFREE notification to all waiters before the queue is freed. Unfortunately, the io_uring poll doesn't handle POLLFREE. This allows a use-after-free to occur if a signalfd or binder fd is polled with io_uring poll, and the waitqueue gets freed (CVE-2022-3176). An issue was discovered in net/netfilter/nf_tables_api.c in the kernel before 5.19.6. A denial of service can occur upon binding to an already bound chain (CVE-2022-39190). mm/rmap.c in the Linux kernel before 5.19.7 has a use-after-free related to leaf anon_vma double reuse (CVE-2022-42703). Other fixes in this update: \- A fix for an issue causing excessive logging (mga#30779) due to an uppstream change that was included in the 5.15.62 kernel update released as MGASA-2022-0305. \- bpf, cgroup: Fix kernel BUG in purge_effective_progs \- bpf: Restrict bpf_sys_bpf to CAP_PERFMON \- Revert "xhci: turn off port power in shutdown" as it causes some systems to hang on shutdown. For other upstream fixes in this update, see the referenced changelogs.

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
Mageia 8 kernel 5.15.65-1
Mageia 8 kmod-virtualbox 6.1.38-1.5
Mageia 8 kmod-xtables-addons 3.21-1.5