NVIDIA GPU display driver contains multiple vulnerabilities in the kernel mode layer handler - us

Type lenovo
Reporter Lenovo
Modified 2018-03-11T15:02:00


Lenovo Security Advisory: LEN-15854

Potential Impact: Denial of Service or Privilege Escalation

Severity: High

Scope of Impact: Industry-Wide

CVE Identifier: CVE-2017-6251, CVE-2017-6252, CVE-2017-6253, CVE-2017-6254, CVE-2017-6255, CVE-2017-6256, CVE-2017-6257, CVE-2017-6258, CVE-2017-6259, CVE-2017-6260

Summary Description:

NVIDIA has released an update for GPU drivers that fixes multiple denial of service and privilege escalation vulnerabilities. See the NVIDIA advisory located here for more details.

Mitigation Strategy for Customers (what you should do to protect yourself):

Update to the latest NVIDIA Graphics Driver version available for your system.

Product Impact: