Fast-Security-Scanners - Security Checks For Your Researches

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Type kitploit
Reporter KitPloit
Modified 2020-12-02T20:30:06


A small contribution to community :)

We use all these tools in security assessments and in our vulnerability monitoring service

Check your domain for DNS NS takeover ( Repo )

docker run --dns= -e VULN_ID=dns_ns_takeover -e whitespots/dnsnstakeover

Cache Poisoning ( Repo )

docker run --rm -it --name wcdscanner -e VULN_ID=wcd -e FIND_XSS=False -e whitespots/wcdxss

XSS via Meta tags (exploitable with cache poisoning) ( Repo )

docker run --rm -it --name wcdscanner -e VULN_ID=xss_meta -e FIND_XSS=True -e whitespots/wcdxss

CORS misconfiguration on pages from Webarchives ( Repo )

docker run --rm -it --name corsfinder -e VULN_ID=cors -e whitespots/corsfinder

CRLF vulnerabilities via url path and headers ( Repo )

docker run --rm -it --name crlf-finder -e VULN_ID=crlf -e whitespots/crlf-finder

Path Traversal via url path ( Repo )

docker run --rm -it --name ptrav-finder -e VULN_ID=ptrav -e whitespots/ptrav-finder

Check your 403 for bypasses ( Repo )

docker run --rm --name forbid-bypasser -e VULN_ID=forbid_bypassed -e whitespots/forbid-bypasser

Find admin panels ( Repo )

docker run --rm -it --name [ adminfinder ](<> "adminfinder" ) -e VULN_ID=adminfinder -e whitespots/adminfinder

Check your site for social networks "accounts takeover" via broken social network links ( Repo )

docker run --rm -it --name scanner -e VULN_ID=broken_social -e whitespots/brokensocial

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