CipherShed - Secure Encryption Software (fork of the TrueCrypt Project)

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CipherShed is free (as in _ free-of-charge _ and _ free-speech _ ) encryption software for keeping your data secure and private. It started as a fork of the now-discontinued TrueCrypt Project.

CipherShed is a program that can be used to create encrypted files or encrypt entire drives (including USB flash drives and external HDDs). There’s no complicated commands or knowledge required; a simple wizard guides you step-by-step through every process.

After creating an encrypted file or disk drive, the encrypted volume is _ mounted _ through CipherShed. The mounted volume shows up as a regular disk that can be read and written to on-the-fly. The encryption is transparent to the operating system and any programs. When finished, the volume can be _ unmounted _ , and stored or transported elsewhere, fully secured. Encryption volumes can be moved from OS-to-OS (eg, Windows to Mac) with full compatibility.

CipherShed is cross-platform; It will be available for Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux.

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