BlackArch Linux v2016.04.28 - Penetration Testing Distribution

ID KITPLOIT:696013724235153886
Type kitploit
Reporter KitPloit
Modified 2016-05-02T22:28:45


BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux-based distribution for penetration testers and security researchers. The repository contains 1410 tools. You can install tools individually or in groups. BlackArch Linux is compatible with existing Arch installs.


  • added new (improved) BlackArch Linux installer
  • include linux kernel 4.5.1
  • added new blackarch linux installer
  • fixed an EFI boot issue
  • fixed the well-known i686 boot issue
  • added more than 80 new tools
  • updated all blackarch tools
  • updated all system packages
  • updated menu entries for window managers (awesome, fluxbox, openbox)

Installing on top of ArchLinux

BlackArch Linux is compatible with existing/normal Arch installations. It acts as an unofficial user repository. Below you will find instructions on how to install BlackArch in this manner.

# Run as root and follow the instructions.
$ curl -O

# The SHA1 sum should match: 86eb4efb68918dbfdd1e22862a48fda20a8145ff
$ sha1sum

# Set execute bit
$ chmod +x

# Run
$ sudo ./

You may now install tools from the blackarch repository.

# To list all of the available tools, run
$ sudo pacman -Sgg | grep blackarch | cut -d' ' -f2 | sort -u

# To install all of the tools, run
$ sudo pacman -S blackarch

# To install a category of tools, run
$ sudo pacman -S blackarch-<category>

# To see the blackarch categories, run
$ sudo pacman -Sg | grep blackarch

As part of an alternative method of installation, you can build the blackarch packages from source. You can find the PKGBUILDs on github . To build the entire repo, you can use the blackman tool.

First, you must install blackman.

If the BlackArch package repository is setup on your machine,

# you can install blackman like:
$ sudo pacman -S blackman

# Download, compile and install package:
$ sudo blackman -i <package>

# Download, compile and install whole category
$ sudo blackman -g <group>

# Download, compile and install all BlackArch tools
$ sudo blackman -a

# To list blackarch categories
$ blackman -l

# To list category tools
$ blackman -p <category>

Installing from ISO

You can install BlackArch Linux (packages AND environment) using the Live or Netinstall medium.

# Install blackarch-install-scripts package
$ sudo pacman -S blackarch-install-scripts

# Now, you can run and follow the instructions
$ sudo blackarch-install

Download BlackArch Linux v2016.04.28