PhpSploit - Stealth Post-Exploitation Framework

ID KITPLOIT:6442840122301524427
Type kitploit
Reporter KitPloit
Modified 2018-06-06T22:17:13


PhpSploit is a remote control framework, aiming to provide a stealth interactive shell-like connection over HTTP between client and web server. It is a post-exploitation tool capable to maintain access to a compromised web server for privilege escalation purposes.


The obfuscated communication is accomplished using HTTP headers under standard client requests and web server's relative responses, tunneled through a tiny polymorphic backdoor :

<?php @eval($_SERVER['HTTP_PHPSPL01T']); ?>


  • Efficient : More than 20 plugins to automate post-exploitation tasks

    • Run commands and browse filesystem, bypassing PHP security restrictions
    • Upload/Download files between client and target
    • Edit remote files through local text editor
    • Run SQL console on target system
    • Spawn reverse TCP shells
    • Stealth : The framework is made by paranoids, for paranoids

    • Nearly invisible by log analysis and NIDS signature detection

    • Safe-mode and common _ PHP security restrictions bypass _
    • Communications are hidden in HTTP Headers
    • Loaded payloads are obfuscated to _ bypass NIDS _
    • http/https/socks4/socks5 Proxy support
    • Convenient : A robust interface with many crucial features

    • Detailed help for any command or option (type help )

    • _ Cross-platform _ on both the client and the server.
    • Powerful interface with completion and multi-command support
    • Session saving/loading feature & persistent history
    • Multi-request support for large payloads (such as uploads)
    • Provides a powerful, highly configurable settings engine
    • Each setting, such as user-agent has a _ polymorphic mode _
    • Customisable environment variables for plugin interaction
    • Provides a complete plugin development API

Supported platforms (as attacker):

  • GNU/Linux
  • Mac OS X

Supported platforms (as target):

  • GNU/Linux
  • BSD Like
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows NT

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