ISeeYou - Bash And Javascript Tool To Find The Exact Location Of The Users During Social Engineering Or Phishing Engagements

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ISeeYou is a Bash and Javascript tool to find the exact location of the users during social engineering or phishing engagements. Using exact location coordinates an attacker can perform preliminary reconnaissance which will help them in performing further targeted attacks.


  • This tool does not require any additional software to perform phishing attacks.
  • User can expose yout local servers to the Internet and decode the location coordinates by looking at the log file.

_ This project must not be used for illegal purposes for stalking people or hacking into system where you do not have permission, it is strictly for educational purposes and for people to experiment with. _

Any suggestions or ideas for this tool are welcome - just tweet me on @ManiarViral

How to install?

git clone
cd I-See-You
chmod u+x

Once the is ran user sees the below screen:

Enter the highlighted url on the main screen where it asks for Enter the URL generated by Serveo and hit Enter :

This URL is generated randomly for different users. However, it will be a subdomain for the domain. Send this URL to your victim as part of the phishing campaign via email or any other medium. Victim will see the site as below:

Note: You can be creative and modify the look and feel of the page as per your requirement.
Once the targeted users allows location permission, malicious user will receive exact location of the victim in the tail screen. These numbers are longitude and latitude of the user.

Using you can convert the longitude and latitude to an exact location:

Copying Longitude and Latitude numbers from Xterm screens
To copy between xterm and other programs - This would allow user to select numbers to be copied to the clipboard.

  1. Add to the file ~/.Xresources (or create)

  2. XTerm*selectToClipboard: true
  3. Then run the command:

    xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources


  1. Restart xterm.


Download I-See-You