NoSQL Exploitation Framework 2.0 - A Framework For NoSQL Scanning and Exploitation

ID KITPLOIT:5296777404912125991
Type kitploit
Reporter KitPloit
Modified 2017-12-21T13:10:25


A FrameWork For NoSQL Scanning and Exploitation Framework Authored By Francis Alexander.

Added Features:

  • First Ever Tool With Added Support For Mongo,Couch,Redis,H-Base,Cassandra
  • Support For NoSQL WebAPPS
  • Added payload list for JS Injection,Web application Enumeration.
  • Scan Support for Mongo,CouchDB and Redis
  • Dictionary Attack Support for Mongo,Cocuh and Redis
  • Enumeration Module added for the DB's,retrieves data in db's @ one shot.
  • Currently Discover's Web Interface for Mongo
  • Shodan Query Feature
  • MultiThreaded IP List Scanner
  • Dump and Copy Database features Added for CouchDB
  • Sniff for Mongo,Couch and Redis

Change Log V2.0:

  • Modularised approach, Now comes with Configuration file, tweak to your customization
  • Multithreaded dictionary attacks,file enumeration
  • Support for Heuristic based Redis remote file enumeration,Added Redis System enumeration
  • Now select Databases depending upon options -d "Database" -t "table" -d "Dump"
  • Improved Scan Support for Mongo,CouchDB,Redis,Cassandra and H-Base
  • Improved dump feature
  • Bug fixes


  • Install Pip, sudo apt-get install python-setuptools;easy_install pip
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • python -h (For Help Options)

Installation on Mac/Kali

  • Removed the scapy module by default for mac. So this should run by default. If you need to sniff run the script and then continue.
  • Run directly
  • python -h (For Help Options)

Installing Nosql Exploitaiton Framework in Virtualenv

  • virtualenv nosqlframework
  • source nosqlframework/bin/activate
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • nosqlframework/bin/python -h (For Help Options)
  • deactivate (After usage)

Sample Usage -ip localhost -scan -ip localhost -dict mongo -file b.txt -ip localhost -enum couch -ip localhost -enum redis -ip localhost -clone couch

Download NoSQL Exploitation Framework 2.0