MARA Framework - Mobile Application Reverse engineering and Analysis Framework

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Type kitploit
Reporter KitPloit
Modified 2016-07-09T19:31:01


MARA is a M obile A pplication R everse engineering and A nalysis Framework. It is a tool that puts together commonly used mobile application reverse engineering tools, in order to make the task or reverse engineering and analysis easier and friendly to mobile application developers and security professionals.

Features supported

  • Reverse engineer apk files to smali, java jar files, java source code and dalvik bytecode (jadx format)
  • Reverse engineer dex, jar and class files into java source code and dalvik bytecode (jadx format)
  • Statically Analyze java source code and dalvik bytecode
  • Scan for apk vulnerabilities via androbugs
  • Scan ssl domains found in the app via the standalone SSL scanner that makes use of pyssltest and testssl

Additional information about the framework, prerequisites and the installation guide is available on the wiki

Download MARA Framework