ZipExec - A Unique Technique To Execute Binaries From A Password Protected Zip

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Modified 2021-11-30T20:30:00


ZipExec is a Proof-of-Concept (POC) tool to wrap binary-based tools into a password-protected zip file. This zip file is then base64 encoded into a string that is rebuilt on disk. This encoded string is then loaded into a JScript file that when executed, would rebuild the password-protected zip file on disk and execute it. This is done programmatically by using COM objects to access the GUI-based functions in Windows via the generated JScript loader, executing the loader inside the password-protected zip without having to unzip it first. By password protecting the zip file, it protects the binary from EDRs and disk-based or anti-malware scanning mechanisms.


The first step as always is to clone the repo. Before you compile ZipExec you'll need to install the dependencies. To install them, run following commands:

go get

Then build it

go build ZipExec.go


go get


sandbox evasion using IsDomainedJoined. ">

./ZipExec -h

__________.__      ___________                       
\____    /|__|_____\_   _____/__  ___ ____   ____    
  /     / |  \____ \|    __)_\  \/  // __ \_/ ___\   
 /     /_ |  |  |_> >        \>    <\  ___/\  \___   
/_______ \|__|   __/_______  /__/\_ \\___  >\___  >  
        \/   |__|          \/      \/    \/     \/   

Usage of ./ZipExec:  
  -I string  
        Path to the file containing binary to zip.  
  -O string  
        Name of output file (e.g. loader.js)  
        Enables sandbox evasion using IsDomainedJoined.

Download ZipExec