Linux-Evil-Toolkit - A Framework That Aims To Centralize, Standardize And Simplify The Use Of Various Security Tools For Pentest Professionals

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Linux evil toolkit is a framework that aims to centralize, standardize   
and [simplify](<> "simplify" ) the use of various security tools for pentest professionals.  
LETK (Linux evil toolkit) has few simple commands, one of which is the  
INIT that allows you to define a target, and thus use all the tools   
without typing anything else.

Is LETK better than setoolkit? Yes and no, there are two that serve the  
same thing and in a different way, the Linux Evil Toolkit and an   
automated attack information [automation](<> "automation" ) script.


ยง 1 About use

    This script was made to automate the steps of [gathering](<> "gathering" ) information about web  
    targets, the misuse and responsibility of the user, to report bugs or make  
    suggestions open a report on github.

ยง 2 About simple_scan

    Automap was replaced by simple_scan, it is lighter and faster, in addition to being   
less detectable, now it has different modes of execution that make it possible from  
a quick and simple execution to more complex modes.

ยง 3 About Console

    The output of the script can be extremely long, so see if your console,   
    (gnome-terminal, cmd, konsole) is configured to display 1000 lines   
    (I particularly recommend 10,000 lines), for professional purposes it allows  
    the documentation, it records the commands, exits and formats th   e text.


NOTE: When you start a pentest, type the INIT command and define the target, or write values in linux-evil-toolkit/config/letk.rb


|exit           |   Close this script                                             
|clear          |   Clear terminal                                                
|update         |   Update Linux evil toolkit                                     
|train          |   Show train in terminal, tuutuu                                
|INIT           |   Setup global variables                                        
|reset          |   Clear terminal and reset global variables                     
|cover          |   Cover your tracks on your computer                            
|simple_map     |   This command execute automap (auto namap)  
|search         |   Search email, whois and banner grep        
|status         |   Show machine status           
|dnsscanner     |   Scan for 'A', 'AAAA', 'CNAME', 'MX', 'NS', 'PTR', 'SOA'           
|dirscanner     |   Scan files and folders         
|banner         |   Show Linux evil Toolkit banner in terminal           
|webdns         |   Show Web Sites for dns scanner        
|linuxfiles     |   Show important linux files        
|linuxfolders   |   Show important linux folders      
|windowsfolders |   Show important windows folders    
|linuxutil      |   Show useful commands in linux         
|test           |   For development only

simple_scan options


    "-sL" --> "List Scan - simply list targets to scan"  
    "-sP" --> "Ping Scan - go no further than determining if host is online"


    "-sS -sV" --> "TCP SYN"  
    "-sU -sV" --> "UDP Scan"


    "-sS -sV -PE" --> "TCP SYN + ICMP echo [discovery](<> "discovery" ) probes"  
    "-sU -sV -PE" --> "UDP Scan + ICMP echo discovery probes"  
    "-sA -sV -PE" --> "ACK + ICMP echo discovery probes"


    "-sS" --> "TCP SYN + [portlist]: TCP SYN discovery probes to given ports"  
    "-sA" --> "ACK + [portlist]: TCP ACK discovery probes to given ports"  
    "-sU" --> "UDP Scan + [portlist]: TCP UDP discovery probes to given ports"


    "-sT -sV" --> "Connect()"  
    "-sW -sV" --> "Window"  
    "-sM -sV" --> "Maimon scans"  
       "-sN -sV" --> "TCP Null"  
    "-sF -sV" --> "FIN"  
    "-sX -sV" --> "Xmas scans"


DeepLink is a deepweb (tor onion domain) database for your test and explore "deep web" for fun

usage: type deeplink and type option  
    --site                  | Cat best site for your learn about deepweb  
    --darklinks             | show dark-net links  
    --onionlinks            | show more 500 deep web links  
    --onionlinks-active     | show more links, but active links only  
    --searchlinks           | show tor search (google-like)  
    --toralt                | show tor alternatives (i2-, freenet, etc)

Backend Functions

From engine module

Engine.INIT()               | Setup variables  
Engine.sys("ls")            | Test Function  
Engine.R()                  | Reset variables  
Engine.cover()              | Cover bash history  
Engine.compress()           | Compress files  
Engine.port_scanner()       | Repleced by automap             | Search whois, emails, banner grep  
Engine.status()             | Show machine status  
Engine.dns_scanner()        | Scan for 'A', 'AAAA', 'CNAME', 'MX', 'NS', 'PTR', 'SOA'  
Emgine.dir_scanner()        | Brute force for search files and folders  
Engine.simple_scan()        | Execute automap  
Engine.assembly()           | Backend function  
Engine.exec()               | Backend function

From Visual module

Visual.banner()             | Function for show text   
Visual.web_dns()            | Function for show text  
Visual.linux_files()        | Function for show text  
Visual.linux_folders()      | Function for show text  
Visual.linux_util()         | Function for show text

From Interpreter Module

Interpreter.interpreter()   | Backend function  
Interpreter.main()          | Backend function


prGreen()                   | Succesful  
prRed()                     | Error   
Other[Cyan, yellow]         | Execultion error

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