IP-Biter - The Hacker-friendly E-Mail Tracking Framework

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IP-Biter is an open source, easy to deploy, tracking framework that generate high configurables and uniques tracking images and links to embed in e-mails, sites or chat systems and visualize, in an hacker-friendly dashboard, high detailed reports of the tracked users who visualize the image or open the links.


  • Very high configurable tracking image generation
  • Tracking links generation
  • Tracking hided and not recognizable from the target point of view
  • Integrated Dashboard
  • Self-tracking prevention
  • Possibility to stop and start the tracking at any time
  • Possibility to hide the Dashboard and protect its access with a password
  • Live tracking reports from the Dashboard
  • Tracking reports live delivered to a configurable mail address
  • Different IP analysis services
  • User-Agent analysis service
  • Integrate URL shortening service
  • AllInOne PHP file
  • No need for a Database
  • Open Source

...and many many more!

Give it a try!

Getting Started

Access the Dashboard

  1. Access the dashboard through ipb.php?op=$dashboardPage (or through ipb.php if $dashboardPage=='')

    • If $dashboardPageSecret!='' then a login page will appear asking for the $dashboardPageSecret value

Create a new configuration

  1. When the dashboard is opened without parameters, a new configuration is created

    • Another empty new configuration can be generate clicking the "New" button
    • Configure the tracking image and the advanced setting if needed

    • It is possible to left the original image url empty. In this case an empty image will be used.

    • Add tracking links if needed

    • It is possible to left the original link empty. In this case the link will generate a 404 page.

    • Save the configuration
    • Distribute the generated image or the links to start the tracking

    • You can click the copy button and paste in a html rich email editor like gmail

    • NOTE: If you try to open the generated image or links but have in the same browser the dashboard page opened and loaded, your request will not be tracked (self-tracking prevention feature)

Load an existing configuration

  1. When the dashboard is opened with the parameter "uuid", the associated configuration is loaded

    • Another configuration can be loaded pasting the "Track UUID" in the dashboard relative field and clicking the "Load" button
    • The reports will be automatically visualized in the "Tracking Reports" section of the dashboard

Security Notes

  • Change the folders name and the dashboard page in the configuration section in order to improve the security
  • Add the following lines to the .htaccess file in order to deny the access to the "configs" and "reports" folders:

    DirectoryIndex ipb.php <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^(configs/|reports/) - [F] </IfModule>

Have a look at the DEMO (notifications limited at 50 mail/day and 1h/day downtime expected)

Download IP-Biter