JVN#61328139: Apache Sling API and Servlets Post components vulnerable to cross-site scripting

ID JVN:61328139
Type jvn
Reporter Japan Vulnerability Notes
Modified 2015-05-27T00:00:00


## Description

Apache Sling is an open source web application framework provided by The Apache Software Foundation.
Sling API and Servlet Post components included in Apache Sling contain a cross-site scripting vulnerability (CWE-79) in the error page and the generation of the job completion.

## Impact

An arbitrary script may be executed on the user's web browser.

## Solution

Update the respective components to the appropriate versions
Update the components to the appropriate versions according to the information provided by the developer.

The developer released the following versions to fix the vulnerability.

  • Apache Sling API 2.2.2
  • Apache Sling Servlets Post 2.1.2

## Products Affected

  • Apache Sling API 2.2.0 and earlier
  • Apache Sling Servlets Post 2.1.0 and earlier