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ID 5267EC1C-D204-40D2-BD4F-6C2DD495EE18
Type huntr
Reporter 0xamal
Modified 2021-10-01T09:06:12


``` Description file upload vulnerability in application

Proof of Concept step to reproduce 1)login to application 2) goto 3) upload file any kind of file application accept Reference PoC 1) 2)

while creating new bill user is able to upload any kind of malicious file which will allows attacker to run remote code to compromise appliation.


<input multiple="multiple" helptext="Maximum file size: 64 MB" class="form-control" id="ffInput_attachments" autocomplete="off" placeholder="Attachments" name="attachments[]" type="file">

Solution : define file type validation in client side of the application to validate the file extension ```