HackerOne: Send AJAX request to external domain

ID H1:97191
Type hackerone
Reporter r0x33d
Modified 2015-11-14T14:47:09



I would like to report about ability to send AJAX request from hackerone.com to external domain.

Here is PoC for the last version of Internet Explorer: https://hackerone.com/bugs?subject=%2Fbigbob.lv%2F1337.php%3Fdata%3D

If You visit it, You can see Hello! This is custom text from external domain text which is from JSON here https://bigbob.lv/1337.php

You can check console and see there 3 AJAX requests sent from hackerone.com to bigbob.lv.

It is possible because there is no filtration of / slash in JavaScript when it handles subject GET param. So, it allows to send AJAX requests to external domain because of //.

This PoC will work in old versions of popular browsers which don't support CSP (http://caniuse.com/#feat=contentsecuritypolicy).

I will try to achieve XSS.