Snapchat: Password Reset - query param overrides postdata

ID H1:96636
Type hackerone
Reporter reecer
Modified 2015-12-24T18:49:30


Suppose a user were to reset their password at the following url (with the given query parameters): newpassword={someNewPass}&newpassword2={someNewPass} Then regardless of the new password entered into the form, {someNewPass} becomes the user's new password. This becomes malicious when an attacker refers a users to this url which contains these query parameters to change the user's password.

Even though this requires some level of social engineering -- convincing a user (whose username is known) not only to change his/her password, but do so via a given url -- I don't see a good reason to allow this behavior. Bottom line, don't read username/passwords from query string.

I look forward to your response.