Shopify: Paid account can review\download any invoice of any other shop

ID H1:94899
Type hackerone
Reporter dvl
Modified 2015-10-22T20:44:39


Hi Shopify Team I would like to report serious security issue within admin panel of Paid Myshopify account Paid Customer [after been detached from Development account and valid payment detailes entered] able to review any other invoice, issues to any other client, and download it. In web variant of invoice, financial details revealed. In PDF variant - address of web shop, owner's email and all billing information [name\address\money amount etc] disclosed

POC: 1. Authenticate in Paid [not Developer] Shop as Shop Owner 2. Go to invoices and alter url by changing invoice number at the end of URL:

  1. To download PDF and review other paid user's data, use link:

Please note, that due to limitation of Developer's account, this test cannot be performed on Dev store. I also prefer do not attach any screenshots or files, since it will be violation of valid customer's privacy. If anyway more details needed - please feel free to contact me here for more POC details. Regards dvl