NordVPN: The Linux binaries (nordvpn and nordvpnd) don't use PIE/ASLR

ID H1:817244
Type hackerone
Reporter skyplabs
Modified 2020-04-22T11:29:59



The Linux binaries nordvpn and nordvpnd don't have PIE/ASLR enabled. A such feature is used to harden programs against the exploitation of memory corruption bugs and should be enabled.

The use of ASLR has long been debated among the Golang community. However, it seems that it's becoming the default choice now.

Steps To Reproduce:

$ rabin2 -I /usr/bin/nordvpn | grep pic pic false $ rabin2 -I /usr/sbin/nordvpnd | grep pic pic false

Supporting Material/References:



Any memory corruption bug (e.g. buffer overflow) can easily lead to a working exploit when ASLR is not enabled.