Flox: Email spoofing configuration missing

ID H1:78685
Type hackerone
Reporter donthackme
Modified 2015-07-27T02:05:19


Email spoofing in flox.io buddypress.org bbpress.org

There are few email spoofing tool is available free.one them is


when I tried to send a email from admin@flox.io or admin@buddypress.org or admin@bbpress.org to my email ,it was successful but when i tried to send the another from admin@facebook.com or any other , i did not receive any email.Hence, there might be some configuration missing in your mail servers (i would love to know how this is happening).

This can be dangerous ,as attacker can send some fake email about free offer .., free money or password reset etc.. , and victims may claim on flox.io buddypress.org bbpress.org ( which can lead to reputation loss :)

any it can be missued in many ways

note:- check spam if you cannot find the mail in inbox EXTRA INFO it is Issues with the SPF, DKIM or DMARC records on flox.io buddypress.org bbpress.org Thanks