h1-415-ctf: I found Joberts missing file!

ID H1:780676
Type hackerone
Reporter p4fg
Modified 2020-02-03T20:40:07


The key is:


My writeup is available (unpublished) at:


I might edit some styling but the main contents is there.

The twist of my writeup is that tried to give a detailed account of EVERYTHING to allow new hackers to follow along my discoveries and failures, thoughts and despair, just as if they were sitting beside me.

Solving a CTF on this level is not as easy as some writeups make it sound, and i hope my writeup will show not only how it was solved, but the mindset and ideas behind a lot of failed attempts. You learn a lot from the failures as well!

Thanks for a nice CTF!



An attacker could take Joberts secret document and hold it for ransom!