WordPoints: Weak Cryptographic Hash

ID H1:77231
Type hackerone
Reporter ru94mb
Modified 2015-07-23T06:47:08



The following files are vulnerable to this issue:

\src\includes\class-breaking-updater.php line 246 and 247

protected function check_module( $module ) {

    $rand_str = str_shuffle( md5( microtime() ) );
    $nonce = md5( $rand_str . 'wordpoints_check_modules-' . $module );

\src\admin\includes\class-wordpoints-modules-list-table.php line 541

switch ( $column_name ) {

                case 'cb':
                    $checkbox_id = 'checkbox_' . md5( $module_data['name'] );

\src\components\points\includes\class-wordpoints-points-logs-query.php line 705

private function _calc_cache_query_md5() {

    if ( ! isset( $this->_cache_query_md5 ) ) {
        $this->_cache_query_md5 = md5( $this->get_sql() );


Weak cryptographic hashes are susceptible to attacks like rainbow table searches. Hashing algorithms like MD5 and SHA-1 has been marked obsolete according to latest coding standards. This risk the integrity of security critical data to be compromised.


Discontinue the use of MD5 and SHA-1 algorithms. Use SHA-256 or above to perform one way hashing for better security and integrity of data.