U.S. Dept Of Defense: Information disclousure by clicking on the link shown in http://████████/

ID H1:708019
Type hackerone
Reporter pirateducky
Modified 2019-12-02T20:02:16



Looking at some subdomains using aquatone I noticed http://█████/ I clicked it and then started navigating the page, if I go to this link: https://█████████/██████████wireframes/admin/round12/tsp_0-awarded.html it is completely valid and shows some information that I'm unsure it should be online, it also shows me logged in as a user Pat and Janelle


Information disclosure

Step-by-step Reproduction Instructions

  1. Navigate to http://████/
  2. Click Main Index Page
  3. Click Office & TSP or use this link https://███████/██████index-admin.html#

Suggested Mitigation/Remediation Actions

If this is sensitive data - it should be restricted to only people who need to access it no the whole internet, there are certain action where it prompts for a password.

Thanks -

If this is somehow supposed to be up I would like to self-close as to not affect my current profile


Information disclosure, possibly a dev environment left open but unsure.