Slack: CSS Injection to disable app & potential message exfil

ID H1:679969
Type hackerone
Reporter fletchto99
Modified 2019-11-09T17:09:35


Tested on Slack for MacOS v4.0.2 - I've marked this as code injection since there was no "css injection"

  1. In the app go to Preferences -> Sidebar
  2. Enable custom theming
  3. Set the column BG to #FFFFFF;} html {display:none;}
  4. The app will no-longer render (this survives re-installs)

If this theme were to be shared to someone unsuspecting they would be unable to use slack, even surviving a reinstall (on mac, untested on other platforms).

Furthermore it might be possible to exfil message data using CSS only. As seen here it is possible to keylog via CSS only however I have not been able to come up with a proper PoC of this.

I've marked this as low for now as I don't have a PoC exiling data however I have shown that it is possible to inject to completely disable the app.


The app is no longer able to render - there might be the possibility of data exfil but I didn't get a PoC working.