MapLogin: Not Completed Accounts Take Over (Urgent bug)

ID H1:64626
Type hackerone
Reporter dia2diab
Modified 2015-06-09T17:36:31


Hello MapLogin Security Team,

I just found a problem in Authentication for you. Attacker Can take over any accounts that "Not Completed Yet" by easy way and here is the details:

1- From any browser you can register using your email "" 2- You will recieve a verification code to enter. 3- Enter the code that you have now from your email. 4- Don't complete your account.

5- Now open a private window from another browser. 6- Try to login with this email and you will get the message like the fisrt SS i attached. 7- Now you can click on Create New Account. 8- By using the victim email "Not Completed yet" and fill first, last name and phone. 9- Now Click Next Button and here is the problem ..... You are logged in with the victim email ""

If you need more information i will be very happy to help...Thank you Diaa