HackerOne: Potential denial of service in hackerone.com/<program>/reward_settings

ID H1:63865
Type hackerone
Reporter ashesh
Modified 2015-06-10T04:13:53


While setting the bounty for the program, if I set the bounty to a large value (over 1,000,000 digits) and send the request the website hangs for about a minute and a half, then pops up an error page saying there is an error on Hackerone's Host end.

Time taken to repsond : 76856 Millisecond = 76.856 Seconds Error Code: Error 522 URL: https://hackerone.com/<program>/reward_settings

The Request and response is attached in this Report.

Vulneurabe paramater base_bounty

Request parameters format:

{"handle":"&lt;program&gt;","errors":{},"offers_bounties":true,"advertise_bounties":true,"base_bounty":"1111....till 1,000,000 digits","hide_bounty_amounts":false,"team_state":"sandboxed","allowed_to_disable_bounties?":true}