HackerOne: Team member with Program permission only can escalate to Admin permission

ID H1:605720
Type hackerone
Reporter metnew
Modified 2019-06-26T21:02:41



https://hackerone.com/TEAM/groups URL is accessible to team members with Program permission, even when "Group Management" and "User Management" menus aren't visible.

I didn't research this further, however, I was able to grant all permissions to the user assigned to a group with Program permission.


> Tested on a user assigned to a group with Program permissions

  1. Go to https://hackerone.com/TEAM/groups
  2. Select the current user's group
  3. Add arbitrary permission (e.g. Admin)

Additional information disclosure

I noticed that hackerone.com/teams.json is accessible to users with "read-only" permission, but https://hackerone.com/TEAM/groups.json is accessible to users with at least 1 valid permission.

That's strange because the data is identical and allows disclosing user ids, assigned groups, groups permissions.

Reporting 2 issues in one report, because it's hard to understand the real root cause of the broken RBAC.


  • A team member with 1 valid permission (except "readonly", e.g. Program) can escalate own permissions in the team to arbitrary permissions.
  • "readonly" team member can disclose the team's groups, assigned users, groups' permissions and ids/names.