Slack: Logout any user of same team

ID H1:54610
Type hackerone
Reporter oldusername
Modified 2015-05-05T05:59:54


It is possible for a user to logout other member of same team even if they had selected Keep me signed in option.

Steps to Verify: 1. Login to your team i.e 2. On new tab on the same browser request a url which would be like https://yourteamname.slack.reset/youareloggedout 3. You will be automatically logged out of your account even if you have selected Keep me signed in option.

Attacker can embed the invalid password reset link in a image tag in a website of his/her control and when users visists the page they will be logged out.

<html> <head> <title>I Logged You Out</title> </head> <body> <img src=''> </body> </html>

You should not logout a user when an invalid password reset link is accessed rather than you should redirect a user to homepage whenever a password reset link is accessed when user is allready logged in.

Thanks Uttam Soren