Twitter: Insecure Direct Object Reference - access to other user/group DM's

ID H1:53858
Type hackerone
Reporter akhil-reni
Modified 2015-10-03T18:48:57



I found a way to access group DM's which i don't have access to, Conditions to be met: - Should have been in that DM group atleast once.

Exploitation ways:

  • let's say they're three twitter profiles, Naruto , Goku and Eren.
  • Naruto creates a DM group in between himself , Goku and Eren.
  • Now Eren leaves the DM group, at this moment Goku and Naruto think that their DM's are private and Eren won't be able to see the DM's cause he just the left group.
  • But Eren can still access the DM's by just navigating himself to

where 582225197727506432 is the DM id.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Create three profiles A,B and C
  • From account A create a DM group for A, B and C
  • Leave the DM group from account C
  • Now message something in the DM group from account A or account B.
  • A unique DM id will be created for that message.
  • Note down the DM ID and From Account C navigate yourself to[DM ID]/delete Replace the [DM ID] with your noted DM ID in the above steps.


Regards Wesecureapp