Twitter: Insecure direct object reference - have access to deleted DM's

ID H1:52646
Type hackerone
Reporter akhil-reni
Modified 2015-10-12T04:56:07



The bug is straight and simple, I have access to deleted DM's. Once a DM is deleted a user/app will still be able to access the DM's using show DM endpoint

Attack Scenario

Their are two accounts Sam and Molly , Sam Dm's Molly something important and both quickly delete the Dm's after the chat, Sam has given access to a 3rd party app which can access his DM's. When Sam DM's molly every DM gets a unique id like 123456 and the DM can be accessed using the following API call ,{DM-id} Now let's say Sam and Molly both deleted the DM , but the 3rd party app can still access the deleted DM using the above end point.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create 2 account's A and B
  • From account A Dm account B
  • Note down the Dm id , and make an api[noted-dm-id]
  • Now delete the DM
  • Repeat the api call
  • You will still have access to the deleted DM.

POC: Check for video attached

Regards, Wesecureapp