Valve: Malformed playlist.txt in GoldSrc games leads to Access Violation & arbitrary code execution

ID H1:504951
Type hackerone
Reporter nyancat0131
Modified 2019-09-17T17:34:09


A crafted playlist.txt can be used to exploit a stack overflow vulnerability in GameUI.dll that can lead to arbitrary code execution.


Place attached playlist.txt in game directory (valve, cstrike, etc.). The game will crash when it tries to play Splash track.


The file can be sent from server with precache_generic function (custom mp.dll, amxx plugins, etc.). I don't know ant way to force reload the playlist, so for the exploit to trigger, the client must be restarted. In my opinion, it's still dangerous. And this method won't work if the client already had playlist.txt in the game directory.


The attacker can use this to do many things, from crashing the client to stealing important data.