Node.js third-party modules: [glance] Access unlisted internal files/folders revealing sensitive information

ID H1:490379
Type hackerone
Reporter skyn3t
Modified 2019-02-28T19:25:51


I would like to report sensitive information disclosure in glance. Similar to #486933 in ways


module name: glance version: 3.0.5 npm page:

Module Description

a quick disposable http server for static files

Module Stats

weekly downloads 41


Vulnerability Description

The glance modules allows directory browsing and to serve static files through the browser. The config option nodot can be used to prevent serving sensitive folders such as .git or .DS_Store refer: This rule can be bypassed using the technique below which can lead to sensitive information disclosure (An interesting example:

Steps To Reproduce:

  • Install glance $ npm install -g glance

  • Inside a project directory, initialise git. $ git init

  • Add rule to ignore dotfiles in .glance.json json { "nodot": true }

  • Start glance in current directory. $ glance --verbose glance serving /project/directory on port 8080

  • Now, current directory will be served by serve with the exception of folder .git and file .gitignore.

  • If we try to curl .git or .gitignore we get a Not Found error $ curl --path-as-is ... <title>File Not Found</title> ...

  • Although if we try to fetch files/folders inside a forbidden [dot]folder there is no problem at all and most of it's content can be extracted successfully (except dotfiles itself). $ curl --path-as-is ref: refs/heads/master

>The structure of git repository is well known, so it is possible to found references to the objects/packs in the repository, download them via direct requests and reconstruct the repository and obtain your files – not only the current ones, but also the past files.

Supporting Material/References:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • node v11.3.0
  • npm 6.7.0

Wrap up

> Select Y or N for the following statements:

  • I contacted the maintainer to let them know: [N]
  • I opened an issue in the related repository: [N]

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The essentially bypasses the nodot feature and allows an attacker to read from a directory that the victim has not allowed access to.

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